04 July 2017

German Reinforcements

AFTER a few months of inexcusable hobby inactivity I have at last got the bit between my teeth and got the majority of the German infantry and support weapons completed. This just leaves three platoon and one company HQs and a few more AFVs to paint up before I am finished. Actually, the situation is precisely the same with my BEF force too! I need to grab a few more packs of infantry before I am able to achieve this, however. Once these forces are completed - or nearly complete! - I will start on the French, who I have been greedily eyeing on both the Pendraken and Pithead shops. I like that the Pendraken range has enough junior officer types (well, two...) to create some variety in my HQ stands, something I have found extremely difficult to achieve with their early war Jerries and Brits. In fact I have recently ordered some BEF Infantry from Pithead in order to make the British HQs more interesting.

With regards to the French, I will again be looking to create an infantry company, plus assorted support weapons and armour, with especial attention being paid to the latter as I am looking to recreate some the actions of the three-day Battle of Hannut, the first major tank battle of the conflict, with over a thousand AFVs involved! One aspect about this new venture I am decidedly not looking forward to is painting French AFVs! All I can say is that thank God the Germans did not continue to use Buntfarbenanstrich on their own vehicles, otherwise I'm quite sure I wouldn't have got them painted nearly so speedily. As usual, thank you for looking and feel free to comment. 

15 cm sIG 33 (Sf) auf Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf B (Pithead Miniatures)
The beast can be seen in action in a propaganda video below.

Pendraken German MG42 Teams posing as MG34s
Pendraken 3.7 cm Pak 36s
Platoon 1 (Pendraken)
Platoon 2 (Pendraken)
Platoon 3 (Pendraken)

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  1. Looking good!! 10mm is a nice size for WWII.