29 January 2017

Situation Report

WELCOME to We Stand and Fight, dear reader, which I intend to use to document my ongoing wargaming projects. Currently I am building forces and terrain with which to recreate the 1940 German invasion of France and the Low Countries in 10mm. For this I am also writing my own rules, which I am still in the process of testing. These are company-level and I hope to be able to make them available here when they are in a more presentable state! Concerning miniatures, over the preceding year I have gradually amassed and painted the best part of a BEF infantry company with various optional attached support elements. These are drawn exclusively from Pendraken and Pithead Miniatures and may be seen in the photographs below. To these I am to add:

  • 1x company and 3x platoon HQ stands
  • 2x Matilda A12s 
  • 1x Cruiser I A9
  • 2x  QF 2 pounders
  • 3x Morris CS9s

I have also started work on ze Germans and should be able to share some of my efforts in this direction over the coming weeks. As far as the future goes, I should like to add some French and then perhaps look at Poland 1939, but let's not put the cart before the horse! Regarding the former I have it in mind to recreate some of the desperate actions south of the Somme from late May-12 June 1940, where two Brigades of the 51st (Highland) Division were annihilated along with French 9th Army Corps. The Highlander's valiant stand is well documented in Saul David's excellent 'Churchill’s Sacrifice of the Highland Division: France 1940', which shines a light onto this obscure post-Operation Dynamo action and the rather grubby political machinations that lay behind it. A much recommend read. Anyway, that's enough waffle: on with the pictures!

Platoon 1 (Pendraken)
Platoon 2 (Pendraken)
Platoon 3 (Pendraken)
2x Infantry Tank Mk.I (A11) (Pendraken)
Cruiser Mk III (A13) (Pendraken)
Vickers Mk VI and Mk VIc (Pendraken)
3x Bren Carriers (Pithead)
Daimler Dingo (Pithead)
2x 25 mm Hotchkiss anti-tank guns (Pendraken with some Pithead crew for variety)
3x Vickers medium machine guns (Pendraken)