24 February 2017

Morris CS9 Troop

HERE is a troop of Morris CS9s belonging to 12/Royal Lancers, who were equipped with thirty-eight of the vehicles, which I will use to recreate some of the regiment's hair-raising May 1940 actions. With their attached Royal Engineers they were tasked with blowing bridges in the face of the inexorable German advance through Belgium and were involved in the counter-attack at Arras on 21 May, where during a reconnaissance they destroyed a limbered battery of 15 cm sFH 18s. Although its armour was comparable to other armoured cars of the period, the CS9's armament (a Bren and Boys anti-tank rifle) was insufficient and the high profile made for a conspicuous target. The regiment were forced to scuttle their vehicles before being evacuated from Dunkirk on the evening of 31 May. I have also read that the regiment fielded up to six Guy Armoured Cars during the campaign, which were virtually indistinguishable from the Humber Mk.I, although sadly no-one seems to make either in 10mm. The models are from the ever-redoubtable Pithead Miniatures.

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  1. Nice models. I am tempted now in finishing my 10mm stuf (british late war) that have been for years in a cupboard.